Award Booking Service

Award bookings have become increasing difficult as airlines have reduced the number of free seats available on each flight and miles are increasingly easier to earn through credit cards, shopping portals, and other means than flying. This has resulted in more people competing for free seats. Despite the increase in award miles and decrease in award seats, award travel is still possible and you should always demand to pay the lowest price possible! This is why the Booking Guru offers Award Booking Help!

Award Booking Service

The Booking Guru offers an Award Booking Serve because often times when booking an award ticket, an airline agent will try to sell you award space on their airline and will fail to look at partner redemption opportunities which usually cost fewer miles. The reason this occurs is because it’s easier to search the airline program that your miles are part of instead of looking at partner awards. For example, Delta has 5 award levels and charges anywhere from 62,500 to 147,500 miles for a one way business class award ticket on a Delta airplane to Europe. Yet, if flying a partner airline such as Virgin Atlantic or KLM while using Delta miles, the fare only requires 62,500 miles. Airlines are notorious for having misleading award charts and fluctuating prices that increase and decrease with demands. Thankfully partner awards still book at the lowest price with one caveat, not all websites display partner award availability and one must know how to search for award tickets—this is where Booking Guru comes to the rescue!

Booking Guru is designed for the busy business traveler that doesn’t have time to search for the best deal and for individuals trying to book aspirational awards but do not know the ins and outs of the programs. We specialize in honeymoon bookings, anniversary trips, and vacation planning for people who want to get away but do not have the time to do the research. Let Booking Guru do the award booking research for you!

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