When it comes to booking travel Booking Guru is here to solve all your travel needs! You will find our fees extremely reasonable and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee which requires no payment if we cannot complete your booking requests!

Award Booking Service

Booking free seats with frequent flyer miles is more difficult than ever as airlines have further complicated the rules and fewer seats are available. When the airlines tell you no or tries to charge you exorbitant  rates, the Booking Guru is usually able to find an option at a lower cost!

Award Tickets

  • $80 – Award ticket within a single continent/one region or zone. I.e. A flight within Europe or Within North America; additional passengers $40.
  • $150 – Award ticket between regions. I.e. North America to Asia or Europe to Australia; additional passengers $75.
  • $200 – Multi-city/open-jaw Award ticket between regions that has multiple stopovers or departs and lands from two different cities. I.e. Seattle to Tokyo, 3 days in Tokyo, Tokyo to Bangkok 10 days in Bangkok and then return to Seattle or London to Dubai return to London from Doha; additional passengers $100.

Upgrade Your Plane Ticket

Like award seats, upgrades are difficult to come by, but our research can oftentimes secure you a seat up front using either miles, systemwide upgrade certificates, or cash. Booking Guru upgrade research prices:

  • $50 – for the first passenger one way or round trip and $25 for each additional passenger.

Airfare Research

Do you need a plane ticket and cannot find a good deal? Let the Booking Guru do the research for you! If we can save you $50 or more then we charge for our consulting services. if we cannot save you money, then there’s no fee! After all, why pay if there is no savings! Our goal is to get your further for less!

  • Fare research is $30 per search and only collected if we can save you money.

Hotel Award Bookings

We offer an array of hotel award bookings depending on your destination. We will research your destination and hotel availability for a low-cost of just $5 a night!

Travel Concierge Service

Booking Guru Service is here to take the thinking and the hassle out of traveling. We can arrange airport transports, intercity transportation, recommend destinations, suggest revenue flights, suggest train travel, and more for you! As your personal Travel Concierge there is nothing Booking Guru cannot do! Prices varies based on request.

If Booking Guru cannot find you an award ticket or an upgrade using the airline frequent flyer miles or credit card points you have, no fee is collected. The goal of Booking Guru is to make travel hassle free and enjoyable. If Booking Guru cannot fulfill your request then you are not charged for our research time! Should you choose to book the itinerary Booking Guru suggests, the client is responsible for paying any taxes or other fees due to the airline, hotel or 3rd party. As an added courtesy, Booking Guru is happy to contact the airline(s), hotel(s), or travel agency on the client’s behalf, thus making the entire experience smoother!

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