Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing the Booking Guru.

First understand that we are not travel agents, Booking Guru LLC acts as a service bureau that provides value added service to consumers for booking their award travel.  We are award booking experts!  Because we are not travel agents we receive no commissions or other compensation from the airlines or their affiliates for our service and Booking Guru LLC has no control over and assumes no liability for the actions of the airlines from whom it books the itineraries.  Instead, we are highly frequent travelers who understand the award booking rules and know how to use miles and points to maximize their value.

The Booking Guru LLC shall not be liable for failure of travel service provided by the airline or hotel and we do not guarantee or insure the services to be provided by any supplier, the financial position of such suppliers or the reimbursement to you from any loss experienced as a result of the financial condition of such supplier. In the event that a company defaults prior to providing the service to you for which payment has been made, the sole recourse for refund shall be with the defaulting supplier or from insurance covering such defaults if any or from other responsible third party. In those situations in which a supplier defaults prior to providing services you may pursue any recourse against the supplier for refund, which may be permitted by law or statute.

Except as expressly stated herein, Booking Guru LLC assumes zero responsibility for actions relating to your travel experience beyond our control. Booking Guru LLC is not responsible or liable for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, accident, damage, delay, nonperformance, irregularity, or any consequence thereof, which may be caused through neglect, or default or any other act or inaction of any supplier of the travel products booked with your miles and points. Booking Guru LLC shall not be liable for any change in schedule or equipment, which occurs subsequent to payment for such service, but if a change does occur we will attempt to work with you and the airline to reach a satisfactory agreement.

Schedule changes

In the event that an involuntary schedule changes after booking or flight cancellation by the airlines we attempt to rebook your flights or request a refund from the airline for your miles and taxes.

Once tickets have been issued, the Airline may charge a penalty for mileage redistribution. If you choose to cancel your trip we will provide advice on the best way to request a mileage refund and how to redeposit the miles used free of charge. However, we cannot issue any refunds for the fees charged for our service as each itinerary usually takes many hours to prepare and it would not be fair to refund those fees. Additionally, if you decided to change your destinations we would love to assist, but a new booking fee will be applied.

All taxes, surcharges, and fees imposed by the airlines involved in booking your award ticket are your responsibility. They must be paid for at the time of booking.

Booking Guru LLC will not be liable beyond the booking fees paid as shown on our Fee page.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If Booking Guru cannot find you an award ticket or an upgrade using the airline frequent flyer miles or credit card points you have, no fee is collected. The goal of Booking Guru is to make travel hassle free and enjoyable. If Booking Guru cannot fulfill your request then you are not charged for our research time! Should you choose to book the itinerary Booking Guru suggests, the client is responsible for paying any taxes or other fees due to the airline, hotel or 3rd party.

The Booking Guru Process

Upon receiving your initial request, we began our research. We will email or call you to provide you with updates and details about what we options we find that match your request. Once we have found an itinerary that match your request, we will provide you with details. It is imperative that you respond quickly as award inventory is variable and until a reservation is made the options we present you in not guaranteed.

Once we locate flights that will work for your trip responding to us as quickly as possible is helpful. Flight award seat inventory fluctuates constantly and quickly! If communication is delayed too long the seats you need can disappear.

We make every attempt to find you the most direct flight to your destination. Yet because not Award space can be difficult to come by, if we cannot find a direct flight to your destination adding a connection is sometimes required. The more flexible you are with your routing, the more options we can present to you.

Due to award availability and aircraft configuration, we may not be able to secure award space in the cabin class selected and segments may have to be flown in a lower class of service then requested. We will always confirm the anomaly before booking your award ticket.

Once a satisfactory itinerary is found it will be booked or put on hold based on the airline rules. You will then receive an invoice from us detailing the service fees. You will also receive your complete itinerary for your final review directly from the issuing airline once the ticket is confirmed.


Nearly all communication between you and AwardBookingService.com will be conducted via e-mail. As flights are found you will receive more frequent communication from us. We always respond to e-mails from customers within 24 hours, but often times sooner. Because of constantly changing award availability it is important to act quickly if we present you with a suitable itinerary.

Payment of Service Fees and Airline Charges:

Upon completion of providing you with our research, we require payment for our services within 24 hours.

All payments for our services are done via a square invoice and can be direct charge to your credit card. All payments of airline taxes and fees will be your responsibility and are paid for by your credit card directly. If you prefer that we pay your fees there is an additional 3% fee added to the total that is passed on by our credit card company.

Thank you for using BookingGuru.org and have a fantastic trip!